Welcome to the My Panda℠ FAQ page for Pandas (Personal Assistants). If you’re looking for the Member FAQ page, then please visit this page.

Accepting Requests

Do I need to have the app downloaded to accept jobs?

No, the app is only for Members to submit requests. All the data from the app feeds into the web-based admin portal which is where you will see, accept and complete requests.

The web portal is the where you make and update your Panda profile and where you go to review all requests that you have taken.

I saw a request come through on my email but when I click the link, there is nothing there.”

If you don’t see a request in the available requests screen, that means someone else has already accepted it or the request has been cancelled.

How do recurring requests work?

As soon as the Panda completes the recurring request, it will repopulate for the next request. If you’d like to do the following request, we recommend you accept the job the moment you complete it so someone else doesn’t accept it.

If a week is missed, the date will be a week off. Please assist the member in cancelling that request and entering a new recurring request starting on the new, correct date.

What if a request was submitted and no one accepted it, can I accept it the next day?”

First, check the admin notes to see if the member was contacted and if they approved the request to be completed after the original requested time.

If there is no note, click on the Member’s name to get their contact info and contact them to see if they would still like the request to be completed. If so, accept and complete. If not, ask the member to cancel the request so other Pandas won’t contact them.

When should I contact the member after accepting a request?

The member will receive notifications when you accept or complete a job. You can shoot a quick text to confirm when you are on the way or if you need clarification on a job.

Our members are busy so keep communications to a minimum and try to problem solve on your own before reaching out.

While Working

I am at a job and there is something I can’t physically do, what should I do?”

Contact the member first to see if there is another solution to the problem that will work.

If you need to complete the job and are unable to, either ask the member to submit another request so another Panda can come help or reach out to admin to see if we can arrange for another Panda to come assist or reassign the job.

Do I get paid for mileage when running an errand?

We do not pay for any mileage. You will get paid for the time you are out on a job, including the time to drive from the store to the Member’s home.

What if a standard request like a kitchen tidy up takes me longer than 45 minutes?

If the job will take you longer than 45 minutes to complete, contact the member to either get approval to charge them for additional 15 min add-ons until the job is complete or to stay within the $22 budget and leave the job unfinished.

If you are unable to contact them, first look back into their prior requests to determine what they most often have done. If you cannot determine and you cannot reach them, defer to staying within the budget and make a note in the notes section when you complete the job.

I am running late to get to a job, what should I do?”

Contact the member via text to inform them you are late. If you are able to reschedule soon you may do so directly with the member without changing the request in the app.

If you need to have someone else complete the job because the member needs the job done at a particular time and you are unable to make it there in time, unaccept the job immediately so another Panda can pick it up.

I have an emergency and I have to cancel a job, what should I do?”

Unaccept the request as soon as possible so another Panda can pick it up. Remember once you accept a job it is your responsibility to complete it. If cancellations occur more than once or twice we will review your participation on the platform and you could risk being removed from the system.

Who supplies cleaning supplies or other supplies to do a job?

You will use materials and supplies from the member’s home. We are a Personal Assistant business, not a cleaning or handyman business so you are not required to supply materials.

A Member may request you purchase specific tools or supplies and you will just bill for your time and anything you purchase.

How can I review past Panda’s notes and completion pictures to help me better understand a Member’s preferences?

When you are working a job, you can click on the Member’s name in the admin portal to access their profile where you can see previous jobs. You can click on the past jobs to see the admin/Panda notes and all completion pictures.

If I am running multiple errands/grocery shopping at the same time for multiple members how do I accurately document my time?

When running errands for more than one member, only charge the standard flat fee with no added time for each request.

When running errands for a single Member, keep track of your time starting when you arrive at the store/errand until you deliver to the Member and charge accordingly.

Completing Requests

What is the difference between End time and Time Spent on the completion page in the portal?

The End Time is an approximate time you completed the job so the Member has an idea of when you were done, this does not impact the charge or how you are paid.

Time Spent is how the charge is calculated, the Member’s card will be charged based on the number of minutes you enter. We bill in 15 minute increments so you round to the nearest 15 minutes.

What do I do with receipts from member purchases?

Take a picture and upload to the completion page. Be sure to enter the amount in the Cost of Goods field so the member will be charged. Give the original receipt to the Member.

An admin will send you the reimbursement via Zelle within 24 hours. You can also shoot a quick email to with the total amount you spent if you would like to receive the funds more quickly.

Quick Tip – many Pandas use their credit cards to make purchases so they can get the reward points.

What if their total is more than the amount they authorized me to spend?

Contact the Member immediately to get approval to go above their spending limit. If you cannot contact them, use your judgement and make a note so admin can follow up if necessary.

What if the member approved an amount for me to purchase but I didn’t end up buying anything? And I can’t complete the request without entering something in the Cost of Goods field?

Enter .01 cent in the Cost of Goods field.

What if I forget to complete a job in the portal?

Jobs should be completed as soon as possible after you are finished. The Member’s card only gets charged after you complete the job. And you only get paid after the job is completed.

If you forgot to complete a job, do it as soon as you remember. If it has been more than a day or two, contact so they can follow up with the member if necessary.

What if I make a mistake when completing a job in the portal?

If you cannot get back in to fix the error, contact and we will make the changes from the back end to correct any errors.

I have tried to contact the Member repeatedly to get a question answered and I have not heard back. I cannot complete the request without the answer from them, what do I do?

Text them to let them know that you cannot complete the job until you hear from them and ask if they would like you to return later to complete it after getting the question answered.

If you haven’t started the request yet, do not complete and charge them. If you’re already working on the request but have only completed part of it, charge only for the time you spent.


How much do I get paid?

We have three tiers of Panda Pay.

Tier 1 – $15/hour – When you first start with us you start at Tier 1.

Tier 2 – $17.50/hour – You will get paid at Tier 2 rates when you either:

  • Successfully complete 3 requests in your first 7 days after being approved as a Panda.
  • Successfully complete 5 requests in your first 30 days after being approved as a Panda.
  • Successfully complete 10 requests (no time frame required)

After you have completed any of these requests in these time frames, you will schedule a quick check-in call with the Panda support team. We will review your work up to that point and answer any questions that you may have.

Schedule here your review on this CALENDAR. It is up to you to schedule this call when you are ready to move to Tier 2.

Tier 3 – $20/hour – You will get paid at Tier 3 rates when:

You have completed 20 requests (no time frame required)

To keep track of the number of requests that you have completed you can go to the portal, click on requests, and then completed.

How often do I get paid for the hours that I work?

We run payroll weekly on Monday for the previous Monday-Sunday hours. Your paycheck is direct deposited in the account that you have entered in Gusto.

You can change that account at any time by logging into Be sure to have all hours entered by Sunday evening for the week’s work.

How do I get reimbursed for items purchased on behalf of a member?

When you close out the request, be sure to enter in the amount of the item(s) purchased and upload a picture of the receipt (be sure to leave the hard copy with the member).

This will automatically charge the member’s card. We will reimburse daily for all purchases made the day prior. We will deposit the reimbursement into your selected method for reimbursement (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp). If you select weekly payroll reimbursement we will add the week’s reimbursement onto your payroll amount and it will be direct deposited into your bank account.

If there is a request that has an extremely large pre-approved purchase amount and you don’t have the funds to cover it for 24 hours, contact us at and we will find a solution. We don’t want you to not accept requests because you can’t cover a purchase.

Jobs Checklist

Custom Requests

Members will use the Custom Request option to ask for help with anything that isn’t a Standard Request. This could include any chores or tasks around the house or office, running an errand, or anything else that can come up in their life.

If there is a request and you are unable to complete it (skilled jobs ie. plumbing, tree repair, handyman etc), let the member know that you can research their best options and schedule the provider to the house to get the job done.

If the home is empty, you can also meet the provider at the home. When documenting your time, indicate the total amount of time you spent on the job. Do not include time spent driving to get to the job.

If you made a purchase, after taking a picture of the receipt to upload on completion page, leave a receipt for Member.

Kitchen Tidy Up

  • Empty dishwasher, dry & put items away (may take a little more time the first time)
  • Rinse dishes in sink, load & run dishwasher (may require handwash too)
  • Wipe down & straighten up countertops
  • Sweep kitchen floor (will need to know where this is stored, can also vacuum)
  • If dining table and/or family room is in the same space, take a minute to tidy up
  • Use Member’s home products

If you determine at the outset that the basic tidy up can’t be completed within the 45 min time allotted, contact the member by clicking on their name in the request and identifying the preferred method of contact.

Ask the member whether they would prefer that you stay within the 45-minute allotted time, or whether they would prefer you continue working for the additional time.

Members are charged $7.50 for each additional 15 minutes, and Pandas are paid $5 for each additional 15 minutes. If you can’t reach them, review previous requests in their profile to determine what their preference may be.

Laundry Folding

The laundry folding service is up to 45 minutes, folding three loads of washed laundry. One in the basket, one in the dryer and one in the washer. If one needs to be dried, transfer that to the dryer when you first arrive so it will be dry and you can fold it by the end of the 45 minutes.

If the loads are larger than average or there are more loads to complete in the 45 minutes, confirm with the member how they want you to complete the job. Would they prefer to pay for the extra time or would they prefer to have some items left unfolded?

If they request the items to be put away, place them in the appropriate rooms per their direction.

Shopping & Delivery

For any questions about the location of the store or items to pick up, contact the member by clicking on their name in the portal, getting contact information and contacting them through their preferred method of contact.

If completing multiple requests or shopping at multiple stores, use Waze or another mapping system to determine the most efficient way to complete all requests.

When you arrive at the store, begin tracking your time.

Contact the customer as needed about missing items or substitution. If you cannot contact the member, make your best judgment and make notes in the completion page for the member about the substitutions.

Check your email before finishing shopping, in case the member has sent an update on the request, to ensure you have the most recent information.

Purchase items using your own payment method.

Be sure to ring up separately and get separate receipts if multiple users

You are reimbursed for the amount charged to the client and supported by the receipt uploaded in the portal.

Reimbursement is done by your preferred method: weekly payroll, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp or Paypal, as you have identified on your profile in the portal.

After taking a picture of the receipt to upload on completion page, leave a receipt for Member.

Pet Care

  • Review all details in request
  • Contact the member to confirm dog’s name and any important information regarding how to interact with dog
  • If it is your first time meeting the dog, approach slowly.
  • If you have any concerns about yours or the dog’s safety, contact the member immediately.
  • Walk the dog with provided leash and collar for 30 minutes
  • Maintain distance from other people and dogs
  • Be sure dog has adequate water and food if the Member has indicated they should be fed.
  • Give the dog some extra attention and love
  • Take a picture to load into completion page so Member can see pet
  • Complete request in portal with any relevant notes

Vacation Service

In the morning:

  • Switch outside lights off and any inside lights that the member has requested
  • Water any plants requested and feed any pets (cat, fish etc)
  • Take trash to curb if it is trash day
  • Be sure to wash or sanitize hands before entering and after leaving

In the evening:

  • Turn on outdoor lights and any indoor lights requested
  • Feed any pets if requested
  • Bring in mail or any packages
  • Return recycling and trash bins if trash day
  • Be sure to wash or sanitize hands before entering and after leaving
  • At the end of every day complete the request
  • Include any relevant pictures for the Member

Alcohol Delivery Requests

  • Start your time when you start loading up at the store.
  • Be sure each order has a purchase order with delivery address, proof of payment and phone number for who will be accepting the delivery.
  • Double check that each order has the correct items before leaving the store.
  • If the store doesn’t give you a route, enter the addresses into your mapping app and determine the quickest route.
  • When you are 5 minutes from the delivery stop, pull over and send the following text:

“Hi, this is _______, I am a few minutes away with your delivery from (______shop). Let me know if there are any special instructions for the drop off. I will need to photograph the ID and signature of whoever accepts the delivery per state regulations. See you soon!”

  • With each delivery, take a picture of the ID on top of the Purchase Order provided by the store with the address, proof of payment and the signature of the person who is accepting the delivery all visible in the picture. They can sign the purchase order that accompanies the order. Upload every picture into the request so that both the retailer and we have the documentation required by the state.
  • Leave a My Panda card with each delivery.
  • Communicate any delays or issues with the store so that you can find a solution.
  • Complete your time at the final delivery. If you have to return an order, stop your time when you return back to the store.

***Wine can be damaged by heat or by freezing. Do NOT leave wine in your car for any period of time when it could get warm or very cold.

Additional Questions

I am a Panda, can I submit a request for a service?”

Yes! You only need to download our app and complete a member profile and you will be approved and able to request services.

Is there a minimum quota of jobs Pandas need to take?

In order to be considered “active” you need to complete at least one job per month.

I have some ideas about who may love using My Panda, how can I get the word out?”

Reach out to and we will work with you to get you marketing materials that you can use. We encourage you to share on Nextdoor and in any social media groups that your participate in.