How to Opt-in and Opt-out of Text and Email Alerts

If you’re an approved “Panda” (Personal Assistant Next Door) for Bamboo Services, Inc., you can change your contact settings on your profile page on the Portal (the avatar located in the top right corner of your screen).

You can change your communication preferences in the field that says “Platform Notifications”:

The dropdown of notification options include the following:

  • Email (only receive emails at the email address you’ve provided)
  • Text Message (only receive SMS text messages at the phone number you’ve provided)
  • Email & Text Message (Receive both emails and SMS text messages and the email address and phone number you’ve provided)
  • Disable Notifications (Receive NO notifications via email or SMS text message)

Please note that if you select “Disable Notifications”, you won’t receive information about new requests made on the platform. However, you can still view and accept requests by logging onto the portal and clicking the “Requests” tab on the left side menu.

If you have further questions about how notifications work or how to access this feature, please contact