My Panda Referral Programs

Get Paid When You Refer New Members

Everyday Program | Referral Ambassador Program

Did you know that the best way to spread the word about My Panda℠ is to refer us to your friends and family?

Well it’s true! The majority of our most loyal members first downloaded the My Panda app because they heard about it through word of mouth.

We’re so grateful to supporters like you who are telling people in your neighborhood about My Panda, and how it’s improving your life.

In fact, we’re so thankful for these referrals that we’re willing to pay you every time you invite a new member onto our platform!

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Currently, there’s two referral programs you can consider:

One is the Everyday Program, which is available to all members and pays out a $5 discount credit to both you and the new member you invite.

The second program is the Referral Ambassador Program, which is a more exclusive platform that you can apply for today. With this exciting new program, you can make up to $40 cash per new referral by simply referring your friends. In other words, you can make up to $240 or more every week by inviting people to use My Panda!

Everyday Program (Give $5, Get $5)

The Everyday Program, also known as the “Give $5, Get $5” referral program, is available to all My Panda members.

Here’s the 3-step process for how it works:

  1. When you refer someone, simply tell them to enter your name in the “Referred By” field when they download the app. 
  2. Once they put in their first request, they’ll get $5 off the total cost!
  3. After their first request is complete, we’ll send you a $5 discount code to use off your next request.

Referral Ambassador Program

The Referral Ambassador Program is now available in select areas!

First, you’ll meet with a My Panda team member for a short intro meeting and learn about how best to spread the word about My Panda to others in your community. 

Once you complete this brief training, you’ll get a special referral code that you can share with others.

Here’s how the bonus structure works:

  • 1-2 new members/week = $20 per user
  • 3-5 new members/week = $30 per user ($90-150/week!)
  • 6+ new members/week = $40 per user ($240+/week!)

We’ll pay out referral bonuses weekly.

Are you interested in working with the My Panda team and getting Referral Ambassador training to earn between $20-$40 for each new member you refer? If so, please email us at or click the button below.

Limited spots available!

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